Thursday, February 20, 2014

Paper and Paperless

Hi All...

It has been a long time since my blog being updated indeed :)

Being an Origami Enthusiast, every now and then people start to brainwash me saying I waste paper, and All we Origmians, Kirigamian, Paper Quillers or any other Paper Craft enthusiasts are indirectly helping Deforestation...!!!

Well it is indeed a debatable question :)

But I happen to stumble upon some interesting facts in favor of us all Paper Craft Enthusiasts...!!!

Here are they:

Myths & Facts

First and foremost, Pixels are not greener than paper; factually speaking, "20% less CO2 is used per year by a person reading a daily printed newspaper versus a person reading web-based news for 30 minutes a day."
Paper is truly sustainable, bio-degradable and recyclable.

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Paper is not only made of wood / bamboo fibre but also, recyclable waste paper as well as agro-residues like bagasse, wheat straw and rice husk.

Wood is not sourced from the native forest but from farmers who are helped to grow a few pulpable varieties of tree like Eucalyptus, Subabul, Acacia, Casurina and Poplar on their de-graded land.

Clonal saplings and silvicultural practices through extention services are provided by the industry players to the marginal farmers for tree plantation.
Green cover is maintained while harvesting after 4-5 years cycle.

Farmers enjoy an assured market for their produce and get market price in return.
In the process their non-productive land is converted into an economic entity besides greening of arid tracks.
The entire gamut of activity is termed and known as Agro-forestry.

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It is an unique concept followed predominantly by Indian paper industry for, the Govt. has no production forestry policy alike Canada, Scandanavia, Brazil, China and Indonesia - the global majors.

Unfortunately, India doesn't have any policy in place either for collection, sorting, grading and supply of re-cyclable waste paper like the advanced countries...!!!!

One more interesting read:

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